Eastern Art Meets Western Science

My techniques are products of a unique combination – growing up in a family of generations of chiropractors in Malaysia and receiving formal training and certification in America.

Eastern Art

I hail from a family of generations of Tui-Nai and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners in Southeast Asia. Their desire to help people heal in a natural way was instilled in me at an early age, and I am proficient in Eastern techniques. My father's insights about treatment of muscular sprains and strains inspired me a lot.

My father is also able to relieve pains from mishaps like dislocations – when a bone slips out of a joint. Or even fractures, without the use of screws or implants.

My father's legacy is changing the lives of thousands of people – by making their pain go away. 

Western Science

After moving to the US, I was trained in the latest techniques at the ASHA School of Massage in Georgia. After aditional training for my broader massage therapist exam and license, I was intrigued by the medical specialties and decided to pursue more training in orthopedic and oncology massage, as well as soft tissue fascial and pain relief techniques.

Now, after 8 years of chiropractic clinical experience in my home state of Georgia, USA , I'm trained and have diplomas (certificates) in a number of medical massage and therapy areas. I specialize in getting rid of knee pain.


"Gabriella’s techniques were at an entirely different level."

"I’ve had a variety of massages including Natural Body and Village Health in the Smyrna area, but Gabriella’s techniques were at an entirely different level. She uses her medical training and understanding of chiropractic science to address ailments. And for goodness sakes, she is the most charming and humble soul, so simply being in her presence is a good start to a relaxing and healing."

– Mikie M.