How I started making the pain go away when I was 11 years old

Once upon a time when I was a child, my mother's cousin asked me to fix his wrist.

At first, I told him I  couldn’t do it. But he  laughed and said to me: “You can do it, you have your father's genes. You have seen him do it every day.”

I was 11 years old, and I didn't think I was ready for such a responsibility. But his wife who sat next to him also believed in me. So I held his wrist and slowly copied my father's motions: hold, warm up, shake, twist, gentle pull … and repeat.

After some repetitions, I said to him: "How does it feel now, uncle?"

He checked his wrist, laughed, and said his wrist felt much better. “You fixed me just like your father does." 

At the moment, I thought it was fun. I was just a kid trying to help my uncle. I didn’t know what I had done … nor that I actually have a gift from God.

Finally, in 2011, at the ASHA massage school, the missing pieces of the puzzle were added.

Anatomy class helped me to understading body structure. Then Sports, Integrated, and Neuromuscular Therapy enlightened and connected me to the work my father did so many years earlier – and suddenly I knew what I had always wanted to do, but couldn't quite put together.

Now, some 10 years after school at ASHA, I still find great pleasure and pride in making my patients' pain go away.

"[Gabi] went above and beyond to help my two-year-old."

"Gabriella was very informative and helpful to my two-year-old, helping with her coughing. She went above and beyond to help her."

– Nico B.